A.PIOVAN was born in 1979 initally producing rubber technical products. In few years it established itself in the field of roller covering thanks to the study of rubber compounds devoted to different areas of application.





construction of the new warehouse in Borgoricco (PD)


expansion of production hall up to 4000 s.m.


range extension with polyurethane heat-sealing belts


it installs a production plan for polyurethane roller covering with ribbon flow system, further expanding its solution range


installation of a 10mt grinding


after 5 years of research, it presents the sanforizing belt for the textile industry, becoming the only one Italian producer


Digital Transformation begins, marked by the purchase of the automatic powders dosing machine and by organisational processes within the context of Industry 4.0


expansion of the production hall to 5900 square meters with the aim of enlarging the production capacity and improving material flow for a greater production efficiency

A.PIOVAN has been leader company in tannery industry solutions for decades, especially concerning roller coating machines, belts for buffing machineries and roller coverings.
Besides, it is a partner of several machine manufacturers and engineering companies for the implementation of their rubber components.
A.Piovan is considered a fundamental reference in manifold industries like Textile, Sheet Metal, Paper and Packaging where, thanks to the study and creation of highly customized rubber compounds and cutting-edge production solutions, is able to meet customers’ needs.

A 45 people reality and a 5900 square meters floor area where all buildings are located and a vertically integrated production environment.

The cutting-edge R&D internal department is always a step ahead in the fine-tuning of new products in continuous synchrony with its customers, which have always been considered our best partners.

Always thorough to expectations and trends at world level, A.PIOVAN is a company in continuous development, with constant improvement of results as its vision.

A.PIOVAN worldwide

Our company continues its growth year after year and we currently export our products to more than 100 world countries

Mappa dei paesi in cui A.Piovan è presente


We deliver your rollers in complete safety by our specific vehicle

Camion fermo con a bordo cilindri, dentro al reparto produzione
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Internal Production of Rubber Compound

We have been studying and creating ad hoc rubber compounds for addressing the most varied customers’ requests for more than 40 years.

cilindro in gomma dettaglio rettifica

High specialization 

We produce fundamental components for machineries with highly customized solutions. We are able to find the solution that best fits specific needs of different industries.

Industry 4.0

The company has always been thorough to production cycle monitoring and, since 2016, it has began a radical process of “digital transformation” in the context of industry 4.0 for increasing the quality of its products and production efficiency, through a cutting-edge MES system.


Rubber Production

The rubber compounds production unit represents the flagship of the company. It is enterely renewed with an automatic dosing machine for components that allows for control, repeatability and precise historical analysis of every product batch, automatic dosage of oils and automation in compound production for the monitoring of production cycle. This enables consistent performance and repeatability that is unmatched in the sector.

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Production Unit

50 machineries of all the units (from blasting to turning) are connected with corporate mes for a constant monitoring of production cycle and a reduction of production time thanks to greater efficiency and planning.

Polyurethane roller covering process
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Certifications and Quality

A.Piovan is a ISO 9001 certified company since 2002. The production is carried out in such a manner to optimize customers’ needs through a technical department and a cutting-edge lab for studying the compound and the most suitable solutions. An offer of specific compounds for each area of application allows products to faithfully mirror company’s philosophy of innovation and reliability.

laboratorio tecnico_S
certificato di qualità ICIM

Why to choose A.Piovan?

  • We design and create customized solutions
  • We develop and internally produce our rubber compounds that we use for our products and we constantly develop new ones for meeting our customers’ requests. 
  • As our mission, we seek for the continuous improvement of results
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