manicotto per sanforizzazione grigio



Each fabric deserves the sanforizing action that best fits its needs.
Not all types of fabrics request same shrinking features, that’s why A.Piovan has developed different kinds of rubber compounds for the Sanforizing Belt, in order to obtain different shrinking performance.
We are currently the only one worldwide producer who is able to diversify the offer based on the type of fabric:


  • STANDARD: denim, workwear, bottom fabrics, focused on high shrinking ability and long lifetime (hardness 38-40 sh)
  • LIGHT FABRIC: light cotton also if mixed with polyester viscose, for clothes and home textile, focused on gentle shrinking ability, surface that avoids “elephant skin” on fabrics (hardness 38-40 sh)
  • POLYESTER-VISCOSE-KNITTING: knitting fabrics and very light polyester-viscose fabrics, focused on a surface easier to grind smoothly in order to avoid watermarks on fabrics (hardness40-44 sh)
  • SUPATEX: rubber belt with inner plies for Supatex machine, outside compound that resists to temperature and endless inner plies for a long and constant action
  • COMFIT: for compacting; focused on gentle shrinking ability, surface that avoids “elephant skin” on fabrics (thickness 50-55 mm) (hardness 38-40 sh)

Thanks to a consoldated expertise and specific research in constant development, all our Sanforizing Belts are characterized by:


  • Lack of a sense of rotation: the inner surface uniformity strikes out the possibility of internal cracks;
  • All our rubber compounds have been developed with high eleasticity and constance over time of products mechanical properties which ensure an optimal and long-lasting shrinking action, allowing for time extension within grindings;
  • Thanks to a devoted production line and high quality standards, the product results free form hidden defects and impurities.


Elastomer type




Inner development

mm 3962

Standard thickness

mm 67

Standard hardness

38 shore A

Hardness by requirement

34-42 SH


Straight – Sloped – Highly sloped


By requirement



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