Bright collection of gunny textile samples. Multicolour fabric texture background for textile industry

Textile Industry

A.Piovan is able to meet the different needs of roller covering but above all, with Sanfor Rubber Belt the company has achieved worldwide recognizability in the textile world scene.

Squeezing rollers for Foulard, mercerizing machine and draft.


Our Sanforizing Belt is the result of a specific research and a consolidated expertise. This product is characterized by the absence of a rotation direction, full friction on fabrics (which improves their shrinkage), resistance to high temperatures and lack of hidden defects and impurities.


We propose some special seals for hard situations with an extraordinary resistance to chemical agents. A.Piovan guarantees reliable and high-quality products, thanks to ISO 9001 Certification, that we own since 2002, which ensures us an effective and efficient work organization both in time and customers’ satisfaction terms.