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We are specialized in the production of endless rubber belts with uniform thickness. This kind of belt is made with inner plies rolled up on a mandrel in order to obtain a development with very strict tolerance. The centering of the belt becomes very easy also when the development is very short if compared to the width and we have many different development shapes availability.




1. The inner part has a sliding function and can be:

      • Raw: standard belt
      • Rubber covering: to limit the rise of the edges and guarantee vibration-proof working


      2. Plies package may consist of one or many plies, with different working loads and have the function of mechanical resistance to elongation. The standard version is composed by 3 EP100 plies but we can offer a wide range of possible combinations, according to utilization parameters. ma abbiamo illimitate combinazioni possibili in base ai parametri di utilizzo.


      The rubber covering, which has the double function of protecting plies and at the same time working in contact with material, with specific features requested by its utilization


    • Some of our most widespread coverings are the following:


    • POLIBELT 1: universal covering for water-based paints, aromatic solvent, oils and wax. Available with hardness starting from 32 SH in black, yellow, red and grey colour.


    • POLIBELT 2: covering for paint with chemical solvents DMF, MEC. Available with hardness starting from 36 SH in grey colour.


    • CENTER: covering for water-based paint, aromatic solvents, oils and wax. Available with hardness starting from 20 SH in black colour.


    • SILTERM: silicon rubber available with hardness startinf from 35 SH in white, red or light blue colour, with high non-stick property.


    • BUFF: rubber covering with a lower layer manufactured in sponge that can absorbe potential differences in the thickness worked.

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