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Dear Data Subject, we wish to inform you that “European Regulation 2019/679 related to the protection of physical persons with regard to Personal Data Treatment and the free movement of personal data” (from now on called “GDPR”) provides for the protection of physical persons with regard to personal data treatment as fundamental right. Therefore, in accordance with article 12 and 13 of GDPR, we inform you that:

  1. DATA CONTROLLER: A.PIOVAN S.r.l., Via dell’Industria 21, 35010 Borgoricco (PD), VAT number and Tax code 00831110283. Email:
  2. DATA CATEGORIES: A.PIOVAN S.r.l. treats your personal data such as:
    • Automatically collected data. IT systems and all the applications specifically devoted to the functioning of this website detect, during their ordinary functioning, some data (whose transmission is implicit in the use of web communication protocols) which might be potentially associated to identifiable users. Among them, are included: IP web address and computers’ domain names of users who connect, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of requested resources, time of request, method used to submit the request, size of the file obtained as response, numerical code identifying the status of the response provided by the server (successfully delivered, error, etc.) and further parameters regarding the operating system, browser and the computer environment employed by the user. These data are used for the only purpose of acquiring statistical information about the use of the website and for controlling its functioning, just for the time strictly necessary. The provision of these data is compulsory since directly linked to the browsing experience.
    • Cookies. The website uses third party technical anonymized cookies, which might collect browsing data of users. Cookies aim at analysing website efficacy and making it easier and more intuitive. Data collected by means of cookies are necessary to make the browsing experience more pleasant and more efficient in the future, trying to assess users’ behaviour and to modify the contents offer according to their behaviour. For further information, a specific cookie policy is available in this leaflet.
    • Data voluntarily disclosed by the user. The voluntary and explicit email sending to email addresses indicated in the various access channels of this website does not imply request for consent and the voluntary email sending on your part to our email addresses does not require further leaflets or requests for consent.
    • Data provided via form compilation. The potential compilation of specifically arranged forms implies the consequent user’s web address and data acquisition, necessary for addressing requests and/or providing the requested service.

We inform you that personal data suitable to reveal racial and ethnic origin, religious or philosophical or beliefs of other nature, public opinions, membership of parties, trade unions, religious, philosophical, political or trade-union associations or organizations, personal data suitable to reveal health status and sexual life, data belonging to health, are sensible data. These data will not be used unless the user has provided her or his consensus.

  1. PERSONAL DATA SOURCE: Personal data owned by A.PIOVAN S.r.l. are collected directly from the user.
  2. PROCESSING PURPOSES: The processing of your data is made for the following purposes: browsing experience improvement and addressing needs for contact , addressing information requests, organisational, informative and promotional material sending.
  3. DATA PROCESSING MODALITIES: Personal data that you provide will be object of processing operations in compliance with the above-mentioned Regulation and duties of confidentiality. Data will be treated with either computer tools, paper tools or any other type of suitable tool, in compliance with security measures provided by art. 5 par. 1 letter F of GDPR.
  4. DATA RECIPIENTS: Within the indicated processing purposes, data might be disclosed to other subjects (institutions or associations) who are appointed responsible (Art. 28 GDPR) or who share the purposes provided by our enterprise and committed to the safeguard of rights and stakes of members and subscribers.
  5. STORAGE PERIOD: Gathered data will be kept for a period of time not longer than the achievement of purposes for which they are processed (“storage limitation principle”, art. 5, GDPR) or according to deadlines provided by law. Data are periodically revised in order to identify potential obsolescence. However, some personal descriptive or contact data might last for 10 years inside our systems’ records.
  6. COMPULSORINESS OF CONSENT: The provision of your data is compulsory during the browsing of our website and explicit in the voluntary email sending to email addresses indicated in the website.
  7. RIGHTS OF DATA SUBJECT: The data subject has always the right to request to the appointed the access to her/his data, amendment or cancellation of them, limitation of processing or possibility to oppose to the data treatment , data portability, or even revoking the consent to the treatment employing these or other rights included in the GDPR through simple communication to the appointed. The data subject may even complain to a supervisory authority.


Technical or aggregate statistics cookies may be installed on our website. Shown below the list of the cookies (functionally grouped or based on the supplier) present on the website.

Google Analytics

These are monitoring cookies used for statistics generation on website utilization. Google Analytics uses, on our website, cookies that do not memorize personal data and that are dropped off on user’s computer for allowing the website appointed to analyse the browsing path on the website. We adopted tools able to decrease the capability to identify cookies thanks to the camouflage of considerable IP portions. The user can download the specific add-on on the following link: to avoid the memorization of above-mentioned cookies.

Cookie Script

It is an anonymized and pseudonymized third-party cookie that helps to comply with the regulation about cookies in Europe. It is used to create and to show information popup about cookies for ip European browsing addresses. The supplier states not to share data with third parties.


Cookies are little text files sent from the website to the computer of data subject, where they are memorized for then being sent to the website during the subsequent browsing of the same user. A cookie cannot recognize any other data from hard drive of user, neither spreading viruses nor acquiring email addresses. Each cookie is unique for the user browser. Some of their functions may be transferred to other technologies. In the present leaflet, by “cookie” it is referred either to cookie as such, as well as to all the similar technologies.
By means of cookies it is possible to record information about her or his preferences, as well as browsing pages or download of files from our website or other similar actions taken browsing while browsing our website.


Cookies can be of first or third party, where “first-party” means cookies developed directly by the appointed of the website, while “third-party” means cookies developed by third parties.


Many types exist in relation to their nature:

  1. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are the ones used for the transmission of a communication over an electronic communication network or, to the extent strictly necessary, by the service provider of the information company which service has been specifically requested by the subscriber or user.
They are not used for further aims and are usually installed directly from the titleholder or from who manages the website. They can be categorized in:

browsing or session cookies, that ensures the ordinary browsing and usage of the website (for instance allowing to make a purchase or to sign in for accessing reserved area); they are necessary for the correct functioning of the website;
analytics cookies, they can be treated as technical cookies when used directly used from the website manager for collecting information, in aggregate form, about the number of visitors and about their path in visiting the website, to the to the aim of improving the website performance;

functionality cookies, cthey allow the browsing according to some specific criteria (for instance language, products to purchase) to the aim of improving the service for the user. The prior approval of users is not required for the installation of these cookies (further information in paragraph “Cookies management” below)

  1. Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are bound to create profiles about user and are used for sending advertising messages consistent with preferences expressed by the user itself during browsing.

For the use of profiling cookies, the consent from the user is required. According to the provision n. 229 of 8th of May 2014the user should be able to authorize or deny the consent to the installation of profiling cookies whenever present.
In case of third-party cookies, the website does not have a direct control of the single cookies and it cannot control them (it cannot directly installed them nor delete them). You can in any case manage these cookies by way of browser settings or by using specific third-party software.


You can disable the cookies by downloading specific software like Ghostery Otherwise, you can turn on the “Incognito mode” – functionality that allows browsing without leaving traces of data. This function allows only to not memorizing browsing data.

Alternatively, you can disable/delete cookies by accessing the configuration panel of your browser.

Hereunder, please find the link to the configuration panels of some renowned browsers:


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If you continue browsing the website by closing the informative banner, clicking on any part of the page, or scrolling down the page to see more content, you will accept the Cookie Policy and consent to the placement and collection of cookies. In the case of non-acceptance of the cookies by abandoning the browsing, cookies which might be already locally registered in your browser will remain registered but we will no longer read or use them until you provide a future potential Policy acceptance.You can at any time remove those cookies by means of the above-mentioned procedures.

For further information about your privacy rights, we kindly invite you to visit the website of personal data protection authority to the following web address